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About the project

OLCOS, the Open eLearning Content Observatory Services project (1/2006-12/2007) is co-funded under the European Union’s eLearning Programme and aims at building an (online) information and observation centre for promoting the concept, production and usage of open educational resources, in particular, open digital educational content (ODEC) in Europe.

Presently the benefits and characteristics of open source software in education is apparent and widely acknowledged, this is not the case with respect to the concept of digital open content that may particularly benefit flexible and open learning models (e.g. collaborative knowledge and skills building) in schools, higher educational institutions and vocational training.


Results of the project include:

  • the ODEC Roadmap 2012 which explores the possible pathways towards a higher level of production, sharing and usage of Open Digital Educational Content (ODEC). The Roadmap will provide an orientation as well as recommendations on possible measures and actions to support decision making at the level of educational policy and institutions (first project year);

  • a set of online tutorials that provide information and guidance on how to practically work with ODEC. These tutorials will be freely accessible on the web in several languages (second project year);

  • several awareness raising workshops in the European eLearning community designed to foster the take-up of the concept of ODEC, and how to develop the required infrastructures, legally sound practices, educational policies and organisational strategies (second project year).

Target Groups

OLCOS primary target groups are the producers and consumers of ODEC (eg. Students/teachers/lecturers), secondary target group are the educational institutions and eLearning centres needed to provide an organisational setting and support. Educational policy makers would be needed to encourage sound legislative infrastructure. Last but not least technology developers and researchers are encouraged to provide easy solutions for ODEC publishing.


The project consortium consists of six institutions from five European countries (see Consortium) and is co-ordinated by Salzburg Research (Austria):

OLCOS Project Co-ordinator
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
Ms. Veronika Hornung-Prähauser
Jakob-Haringer-Straße 5/III
5020 Salzburg

Tel.: +43 (0)662 2288-405
Fax: +43.(0)662.2288-222

Handout "OLCOS - Open eLearning Content Observatory Services" (pdf)